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Pamala K. McCarver RN, M.Div. has worked over twenty-five years in the health care field providing physical and spiritual health. She received her BSN in 1987 from California State University Bakersfield and her Master’s in Divinity from Luther Rice University, Georgia in 2006.

She works as a parish nurse in her community and functions as a
spiritual care giver, educator, counselor, referral agent, and an advocate. She has taught continuing education course to health care providers regarding spiritual care and writes on supporting education mindful of spiritual care in academic learning centers and health care centers.

Pamala believes that, “Health-care providers have become more advanced in the care of the body and mind almost to the exclusion of care of the soul. Until we begin to consistently nourish the soul of the patient and the health-care provider, no matter how scientifically advanced we become overall dissatisfaction will remain in health-care.”

Pamala is available for speaking at seminars and events on the issues of spiritual care in the health care industry.